Our Delivery Methods

  1. Design Build

  2. Design Assist

  3. Integrated Project Delivery
  4. Construction Management
  5. Construction Manager at Risk
  6. Design Bid Build


Ridgemont is committed to delivering on our promises and providing exceptional cost-effective solutions that assure a successful project. Our preconstruction services provide an all-inclusive plan to prevent any unforeseen issues and save precious resources. We take pride in offering a balanced approach between quality, cost, and functionality to ensure the best outcome. Our team works hard to bring our expertise in construction processes, current costs, and value-based strategies that amplify the design process.

Our Preconstruction Services Include:

  • Conceptual Budgeting
  • Initial Project Scope Assessment
  • Budget Monitoring
  • Review of Drawings and Specifications
  • BIM Capabilities
  • True Value Engineering
  • Sustainable Design Studies
  • Bid Package Assembly
  • Subcontractor Qualification
  • Review of Regulatory Agency Requirements
  • Risk Assessment

Subcontractor Selection

With nearly half a century’s experience as general contractors, we at Ridgemont are confident in our knowledge and capabilities. We’ve cultivated an extensive network of trusted subcontractors and suppliers within the Texas and Oklahoma regions, all of whom we rely on for your projects.

Our operations meetings are integral to our successful outcomes; these sessions allow teams to exchange updates on subcontractor performance in ongoing projects, ensuring the preconstruction team remains updated with the latest data. By closely monitoring trade workloads and performance, we preemptively address potential issues, preventing unforeseen complications during the construction process

Project Management | Field Operations

At Ridgemont, we understand how important it is to exceed your expectations. That’s why we put a focus on client-focused business practices and comprehensive safety standards, providing construction services tailored to the success of each project. As your construction manager, we take care of everything from project management to field operations – making sure you get the most out of the finished product.

Our project management and field operations services include:

  • Evaluate Schedules, Budgets and Constructability
  • Coordinate Construction Docs
  • Customize and Implement Project Procedures
  • Manage, Schedule and Coordinate Subcontractors
  • Monitor Construction for Conformance with Design Docs
  • Develop Construction Subcontracts
  • Monitor and Maintain Cost Control
  • Assist with Permitting and Approvals
  • Facilitate Substantial Completion
  • Project Progress and Cost Reporting
  • Billing Management
  • Procurement of Materials and Services
  • Contract Administration
  • Lead Weekly OAC Meetings
  • Lead Weekly Subcontractor Meetings
  • Project Close-Out


Quality Control

At Ridgemont, quality control is at the heart of every project. By having a comprehensive plan in place, we can ensure that our work meets our client’s project goals and surpasses expectations. Our team and subcontractors are committed to delivering superior results, so we take the time to discuss the importance of quality workmanship in every conversation and meeting. Our quality assurance checklists provide clients with measurable results that prove our commitment to excellence.

Warranty Support

At Ridgemont, owner warranty requests always come first. On completion of the project, our team and subcontractors will provide comprehensive training to the Facility Manager and their staff on how to operate all building systems, use information manuals and maintain the building properly. We’ll even record the training session, so it can be referenced by all involved in the future.

Additionally, a Warranty Manager will be introduced to the Facility Manager as their primary point-of-contact for any warranty-related issues before the warranty period begins. We strive to quickly address any shortcomings with our work, coordinate all warranty tasks and conduct a “warranty walk” 30-60 days prior to when our initial warranty expires – promptly fixing any warranty issues uncovered during this process.


At Ridgemont, safety has always been top of mind.  Since our inception in 1976, we have consistently refined our processes and procedures as it relates to project safety, which ensures the methods we use today are at the leading edge of construction safety.  Ridgemont believes in finding ways to mitigate risks from the start of our projects by teaming with the right trade partners so that exposure and risk are at a minimum.

Ridgemont’s long-term success depends on the ability to keep our workforce, trade partners, suppliers, owners, community, and the environment safe.  Our team members are held to the highest standard of safety and accountability, and all our staff receive extensive training in OSHA 30 Hour & CPR/First Aid Training, on top of the OSHA 10 Hour training required for Project Managers.  Our strong commitment to safety and health reflects in an experience modifier rating that’s well below industry standards – proving that when you choose Ridgemont Commercial Construction to build your project, you’re getting unmatched reliability and peace of mind.