Who We Are


Since its inception in 1976, Ridgemont has had the honor of providing first-rate construction services across Texas and its surrounding regions. Our client portfolio encompasses a wide range of industries from healthcare, industrial and automotive, to office spaces, retail and senior living sectors.

We acknowledge the fact that successful projects are the outcome of significant collaborations among all stakeholders. As such, we commit to building strong, amicable relationships with our clients through dependable, candid, and effective communication. Our team, composed of industry experts, are driven by their passion for delivering outstanding results. With pride, we can say that nearly 80% of our business comes from satisfied repeat clients. Ridgemont is the go-to general contractor that will faithfully transform your vision into reality!

Meet Our Team

  1. Core Values
    • People
      Ethical leaders at all levels
    • Integrity
      Open and honest environment
    • Improvement
      Passion for innovation
    • Ambition
      Driven to excellence
  2. Mission
    • Develop
      New business opportunities
    • Empower
      Our people to achieve excellence
    • Construct
      Quality and profitable projects
    • Serve
      Customer’s needs
  3. Vision
    Our vision is to revolutionize the construction industry through a unique, proprietary approach that emphasizes deep collaboration and understanding of our clients’ distinct abilities and needs. Our aim is to deliver tailor-made services and high-quality, cost-effective solutions that bring meaningful value as defined by our clients. By broadening our business model in this way, we strive to become a steadfast and reliable partner for our clients, irrespective of economic fluctuations.


Complete Client Confidence

Our Brand Promise that we are determined to bring to you is Complete Client Confidence — a strategic differentiator that creates real value and brings a unique set of benefits to our clients. Through an interactive process, we strive to create an enjoyable construction experience while always developing our company with Complete Client Confidence as a beacon. We believe that Ridgemont should be a trusted partner with your projects and make sure you know unequivocally that we are committed to the success of our clients and industry partners.

Giving Back